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Freelance Marketing Manager

An experienced freelance marketing manager, helping you to get the best results for you and your business.


Think of me as your marketing bit on the side, a friendly plug-and-play addition to your team.

A marketing expert that is there when you need one, and off the payroll when you don’t.

Working with a freelance marketing manager like me means you’ll get the benefit of my 20+ years of experience, without the overheads of employing someone full-time.

I’ll help you to reach your audience in the places they hang out, so that you show up where, and when, they’re ready to listen. 

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If you’re not sure what you need, why not try my simple Get Seen bundle?

Each month I:

  • Write a keyword-friendly blog post for your website, which answers the questions your ideal customer is asking.
  • Post the blog on your website and fully optimise the page for the chosen keyword (if required).
  • Repurpose the blog post into 4 social media posts (graphics, captions and hashtags).
  • Schedule the content on social media to go out throughout the month (if required).
  • Provide the assets for an email marketing newsletter.
Your Social Side Marketing Management Section

Why is this bundle so popular?

This bundle is an absolute winner because it provides you with a whole month of marketing activity that gets your messaging out to as many people as possible.

It follows the AIDA marketing method, a simple framework used to guide your customer between the stages of their buying journey, from first hearing about a product or service, to making a buying decision.

Search engines love fresh content and the carefully selected keywords in the blog will help the search engine to show your content to the people searching for your products. This gets ATTENTION and builds AWARENESS of your brand.

The social media posts promoting the blog will help drive more traffic to your website. Your followers on social media already know you, so this content builds INTEREST and DESIRE.

Email marketing is super targeted and talks to the people who have actively asked to hear more from you, direct to their inbox. From here you can ask them to take a direct ACTION, whether that’s taking advantage of a special offer or ordering a product.

Prices start from £649 a month.

Pick and Mix Marketing Support

Ah, the joy of a pick and mix. All your favs (milk bottles if you’re wondering) and a clever plan to get max value from your purchase (big stuff first, little stuff last).

If your marketing to-do list keeps you awake at night, take some of the pressure off with your very own freelance marketing manager pick and mix.

I’ve worked with loads of different web platforms, including Squarespace, WordPress and Joomla. I can help with adding items to your store, sizing and uploading graphics, building new pages and much more.

Email marketing gets you straight to your customers, plus it’s data you own. No sneaky social media algorithms to mess up who sees your messaging. I can write, build and send your emails for you.

Interior design magazines are always on the lookout for gorgeous products to feature. Working in conjunction with PressLoft, I’ve helped my clients get their products featured in publications like Grand Designs Magazine and Home and Interiors Scotland, as well as plenty of Sunday supplement magazines.

Got something important to say? Make sure as many people as possible hear it with paid ads on social media. I’ll set up your creative and hook, build your campaign, target your audience and get them landing on your website.

Google Search Ads are great because they allow you to precisely target your audience as they are actively researching a product like yours online. They search for the product, and your ad shows up.

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) helps your website rank higher in search engine results pages like Google. The closer your website appears to the top of these results, the more likely it is to be seen by potential customers. This increased visibility can drive more organic (non-paid) traffic to your website.

I can take a look through your website and report on what keywords you currently rank for, which words your competitors are targeting and the words that you can target to make your website more likely to rank on Google.

If you have a gorgeous product, it deserves gorgeous imagery! I’ve developed a network of incredible photographers and filmmakers that I trust to deliver amazing results. Working together, we make your products stop the scroll on socials. 

Pick And Mix Marketing Support

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