Hello, I’m Fiona

Your Freelance Marketing Sidekick

I’m a freelance marketing and social media manager based in Bury in Greater Manchester – and I’m here to take the stress out of marketing your business.


Imagine being able to hand over your social media and marketing to someone you can trust. An experienced freelance marketing manager who cares about your brand as much as you do.

Imagine the relief of knowing things will get done, allowing you to focus on… well… whatever you’d rather be doing!

I’m a strong believer in keeping marketing simple, accessible and collaborative. I’ve worked on both sides of the in-house/freelancer fence and have seen first-hand the bullsh*t baffles brains approach used by some outsourced marketing agencies.

That’s not me. I want you to feel engaged and confident in your brand’s marketing activities.

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How I work

My Values

These principles form the foundation of my approach as a freelance marketing manager. They guide every aspect of my work and ensure that my clients receive exceptional marketing services that are built on trust and ethical practices.

My ever-curious mind leaves no stone unturned when it comes to outside-the-box creativity. I strive to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Committing to honesty, transparency, and ethical practices in all client interactions and marketing strategies.

Emphasising teamwork and effective communication to build strong relationships with my clients, colleagues, and partners.

Being flexible and open to change in the ever-evolving marketing landscape, continuously learning and adapting to stay ahead.

Actively listening to the needs of my clients, tailoring marketing solutions to their specific objectives.

Understanding my clients’ target audiences and demonstrating empathy when crafting marketing messages that resonate with them. Also understanding the hardships small businesses can face and the support I can offer to help them overcome those hurdles.

I am a scuba diving instructor and spent many years travelling around the world. I have lived in some incredible locations while teaching people to dive, but I have also seen the impact that humanity is having on our oceans first-hand.

Which is why, in both my business and personal life, I prioritise sustainable practices wherever I can.

Being a digital marketing freelancer has allowed me to adopt a remote working model, minimising commuting and reducing my carbon footprint. In fact, I even sold my car in favour of walking and using public transport.

Tools like Asana, Zoom and Slack mean that I can seamlessly collaborate with my clients digitally. And lovely as face-to-face meetings are, I’m all for doing as much as possible in a low-impact, paper-free way.

I support Ecologi’s Climate Positive Workforce project, a simple but impactful way to ensure my business is climate-positive. It means I offset my carbon emissions by planting 60 trees every year, avoiding 4.5 tonnes of CO2e every year.

It’s a small action, but if we all take small actions, we can make a big difference together.

Where it all started

A career in marketing wasn’t on the cards.

My future self owning a freelance marketing business? Nope.

My heart was in the theatre, and I had an arts college degree to prove it.

But a temporary job in a shopping centre, while I waited for my perfect role to come along, changed everything.

Marketing found me.

The job involved helping out with the venue’s day-to-day marketing. I fell in love and over 20 years later (and more than 10 years working with outdoor and interiors brands) marketing continues to be my jam.

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Things I Love……..

Scuba Diving

Cold Water Swimming

Trail Running

Proper Coffee


Lovely Client Feedback