Doing what matters

Sustainable Marketing

There is no plan B, so operating as sustainably as possible within my small corner of the internet matters. Here’s what I am doing.

Why sustainable marketing matters to me

I’m a scuba diving instructor and a keen open-water swimmer. I love being in the ocean and am a huge advocate for ocean conservation.

I’ve witnessed some incredible things underwater. I once spent a dive listening to humpback whales sing during mating season.

It also means I’ve seen first-hand some of the awful things that are happening to our oceans.

From single-use plastics to corals struggling to cope with rising sea temperatures. I can’t sit back and watch it happen.

That’s why I try to be as environmentally conscious as I can, both in my business and my home life.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the things we should be doing. But if we all take small actions every day, that can add up to big change.

Here are my small actions.

Sustainable Marketing Matters
Ecologi Climate Action Workforce Logo Stacked Black

Carbon Conscious

I work with Ecologi, reinvesting some of my business profits into funding certified carbon avoidance and tree planting projects in the UK and abroad every month. It equates to 60 trees planted each year and 4.5 tonnes of CO2e avoided.

You can view my impact dashboard here.

Website Footprint

This website is optimised so make sure it runs efficiently, which means it creates less carbon emissions (is cleaner) than over 50% of websites globally.  You can check out the current performance of the pages on my site on the Website Carbon Calculator.  

Your Social Side Values
Sustainability Home Office

Home Office

Digital platforms like Zoom, Asana and Trello allow me to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

That’s mostly my home office, which is not very exciting. I could be hanging out in Spain drinking a Cafe Con Leche while I work, but I’m not.

It does reduce the need for commuting and the associated carbon emissions though.

Ethical Banking

I use Starling Bank because they are a branchless, digital and largely paperless bank. My debit card is made from recycled plastic. Protecting the natural environment is a priority for them and they practise energy and resource efficiency, recycle materials and use sustainable waste management.

Neither do they provide banking services to (or invest in) organisations that promote behaviour that is harmful to individuals, groups or society as a whole. This may include, for example, arms manufacturers and tobacco companies.

Sustainability Banking2

If you’d like to get your marketing sorted AND make a difference in the fight against climate change, get in touch, I’d love to chat.