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Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant

Building and executing marketing strategies that work for you. 

You want to grow your business and you know that having a marketing strategy is going to be a big part of making that happen.  

But where do you even start? 

Ask the internet and you’ll get a wall of noise telling you all the things you need to be doing. Social media, PR, search engine optimisation, blogging, email marketing, pay-per-click, Facebook Ads. Inbound, outbound shake it all around. 

Feeling a bit lost? 

What if you could bypass all the noise and calmly and confidently follow your own path using the marketing stepping stones that’ll get you to where you want to be? 

That folks, is a bespoke marketing strategy. Created just for you, by me. 

I create digital marketing strategies tailored to your business goals, based on where you are right now. Nothing off-the-shelf, this marketing strategy is about your business and your goals. And as this is a partnership, you’ll be as involved as you want to be. Because I believe that great marketing happens when you feel confident and engaged in your own marketing activity. 

Marketing Strategy Consultant

Building your digital marketing strategy

Working together, we will: 

Marketing Strategy Consultant2

Our marketing strategy process

We’ll have an initial free 20-minute consultation to chat about your business and what you’d like to achieve.  

If we’re a good match and we agree that your business is ready to invest in marketing, I’ll send you a bespoke proposal detailing pricing. I’m upfront with my pricing, you’ll know what your marketing strategy will cost and there are no cheeky hidden extras. 

Once you’ve paid a 50% deposit to secure your booking, I’ll send you my marketing strategy workbook. This online workbook contains loads of questions to get you thinking about your marketing and is a great starting place for you to get all of your thoughts about your business down in one place. All of the documents are hosted in your personal client portal. 

Once you’ve filled in your workbook, we’ll have a 3+ hour meeting to complete your marketing strategy workshop. At the end of the workshop, I’ll have everything I need to build your strategy. The workshop can be held in person at your business if you are within the Manchester region, or online if you are further afield. 

Following the strategy workshop, it will take 2-3 weeks for me to build your strategy, giving me plenty of time to dig into your target audience profiles and competitor activity. You’ll then receive a PDF of your strategy and a video talk-through of the document which explains the thinking behind the strategy. Your strategy will contain about 25 pages of juicy information for you to come back to time and time again. You’ll also receive a full PDF website audit showing areas for improvement and a spreadsheet packed with keyword analysis. This is when the second 50% payment will be due.

My strategies are created to reflect where you are in your business, including the realistic amount of time and resources you have available to move your marketing forward. To help with that, in addition to a full year of marketing activity, I also provide a 90-day sprint, which details exactly what you can be doing to get going. 

A good marketing strategy builds in the opportunity to reflect and learn, creating a continuous feedback loop that constantly asks where are we now, and where do we want to be be. After we’ve worked together, you’ll be so familiar with the thinking behind creating your strategy that when you’re ready to scale again, you’ll have the knowledge you need to do it. 

Why work with me as your digital marketing strategy consultant

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Frequently asked questions

My digital marketing strategies range from £1500 – £2500. That’s all in, I don’t charge VAT. 

Your strategy will be completely bespoke to you, so I’ll only include activities that will get you closer to where you want to be in a realistic manner. I won’t suggest pay-per-click ads if you don’t have the budget or resources to run ads. 

Of course! After creating your digital marketing strategy, we can then move to a rolling programme of delivery. You can either work with me on a retained basis each month, or you can have me work with you on a project-by-project basis. It’s entirely up to you! 

If I’m creating your digital marketing strategy, then I do everything. If we work together to deliver your strategy with my monthly support packages, then I may work with other freelancers within my network to ensure you’re getting specialist support. For example, if I think you need high-quality photography, I work in partnership with another independent business to deliver those services. 

I’m located in North Manchester and can work in two ways. If you need me to be with you in person (for example you need me to help you capture content from your business location) then I can travel up to 45 minutes to do that (travel expenses will be factored into your pricing). If you are happy to meet over Zoom or Google, then I can work with businesses across the UK.