Ah, the question on everyone’s lips!

How much does a social media manager cost’?

The honest answer here is ‘it depends on what you want’.

Imagine that you’re ready to buy a car. You know you need a car, because you have a destination in mind, and a car is the only way to get there.

If you rocked up at your local dealership and simply asked for a car, they’d need to ask a lot of questions before they could recommend the right vehicle for you.

How far are you planning to drive? Do you need a sports car or a family estate? Are you likely to be going off-road? Do you want something that is economic on fuel? What’s your budget?

The list is long, and you’d need to know the answers.

If you don’t know the answers, you might not get what you need. You could end up with an unreliable, ancient two-seater, when what you really need is a 4×4 SUV that’s big enough for your family, two dogs and a kayak.

In much the same way, there’s no one answer to the cost of social media management.

Factors affecting the costs of managing your social media.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to social media. What you want to achieve (your goal) might be totally different from a brand in a different sector, or with a different type of customer.

That is why I ask every potential client to complete a questionnaire about where they are now, and where they want to get to.

  • Do you already have a strategy in place?
  • Do you know your audience?
  • What’s your goal?
  • Do you have a great image library?
  • Do you need bespoke social media templates?

The answers help me to understand more about what you want to achieve, so that I can prepare a bespoke quote based on your needs.

Some examples of my social media management costs.

Social Media Content Creation Only

If you’re happy running your own socials and you know what you want to say, but creating the graphics and captions is not your jam, I can help!

If you need a hand with content creation, I can create gorgeous graphics and captions for you to post. Depending on how many posts you want and the type of posts you want, prices start from £349 a month.

Monthly social media strategy support

If you love managing your own socials but sometimes you find yourself stuck for ideas, this is for you!

We’ll have a monthly strategy check-in via Zoom, during which we’ll brainstorm your content. At the end of each call, you’ll come away with at least 16 strategy-driven content ideas for you to work with so that you can get on with creating and scheduling your own content. Prices start from £349 a month.

Monthly social media management

Are you too busy for social media? Would you love to hand it all over to someone else, so that you can stop worrying about it and get on with doing the things you enjoy? My social media management packages start at £799 a month for one channel, with extra channels costing more.

Hopefully, that goes some way to answering your question about how much social media management costs. Pricing varies massively depending on lots of different factors, many of which are dictated by your business and the things you want to achieve.

There are plenty of companies offering full-service social media management for much less than I can, and it’s probably tempting to go with the cheapest offer. Going back to the car analogy though, make sure you know what to achieve.

Because that ancient two-seater isn’t going to get you up that mountain!

If you’d like me to work with you on your social media, head over to my social media management services page to learn more about how I can help. If you’ve already decided you’d like to work with me on an ongoing monthly management basis, fill in this quick questionnaire and let’s take it from there!

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