In my last blog post, we talked about the importance of social media content pillars (spoiler alert, they’re very important). If you’re now wondering how the heck you actually define your pillars, fear not. There are lots of ways to skin this metaphorical cat, and I’m here to help you with some examples of social media content pillars that you can start using today! Firstly, it’s important to remember there’s no truly wrong approach. If you’re thinking about your content strategy and how to create content that consistently aligns with your goals, then you’re already ahead of the game And nothing is final, so don’t overthink it. You can switch up your social media content pillars as you learn more about your audience and what they want to hear from you. Secondly, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, which is why when you google ‘examples of social media content pillars’, you’re likely to get tens of different ways to do this. What may work for one business may not work for another. What will work for a solopreneur might not be right for a multinational. Here are 3 ways of thinking about social media content pillars to help you decide on an approach that could work for you.


Thematic Social Media Content Pillars. Thematic pillars align with the overarching themes of your brand or business. Thematic pillars are great for brands where there is plenty of content that is associated with the work you do, but it isn’t necessarily work that you actually do. For example, if you own a dog grooming salon, one of your thematic pillars might be dog training tips. You might not offer dog training services, but by showing your clients that you know about other aspects of pet ownership, you can add a level of authority and trust to your posts. The benefits of this approach can be huge because it gets your content in front of pet owners. They might not be looking for dog grooming right now, but when they are, they’ll think of you. Plus it creates a bit of a filter around the types of customers you attract. If your fan base is interested in well-behaved dogs, you’re more likely to get a well-behaved dog through your door! If you are an outdoor brand selling trail running shoes, your themes could be training tips, inspiring runs and motivational quotes. Once you deeply understand what your customers are into, thematic content pillars come into their own. Educate and Entertain Social Media Content Pillars You’ll have possibly seen the Entertain, Inspire, Educate and Convince pillars during your search for examples of social media content pillars. These pillars are fantastic for really diving into the customer journey and taking your audience on a journey. They help you connect with your potential customers from the moment they find out about you through to their purchasing decision (and long after). There is a big but coming up though. Much as I love these content pillars, they’re not right for every business. Why? Well, imagine you don’t currently have a marketing team or a dedicated social media marketing employee creating your posts. Maybe it’s a sales rep managing your channels. Maybe it’s you, managing your entire business alone. Imagine someone telling you that from now on, you need to do your day job AND come up with ‘entertaining’ social media content. How intimidating is that! For all but the most extroverted of people, that alone would be enough to stop you from wanting to post at all – and that’s not where I want you to be. The opposite issue would be that Bob from Sales loves entertaining people and has his own special take on what is funny. Are you willing to risk your company’s reputation if the joke falls flat? Probably not. So, as much as these pillars really work, I think they’re usually best managed by a brand’s in-house marketing team, or a dedicated social media manager. Show, Seduce, Sell Social Media Content Pillars Imagine you’re at a party. You’ve just arrived and you don’t know anyone. So, you’ve hung up your coat and cracked on with telling anyone who will listen about the thing you’re trying to sell. How many people at that party would intentionally avoid you for the rest of the evening? Probably everyone. But! What if you arrived and chatted with people while showing an interest in them? You tell them a bit about yourself. You share the things that make you tick and talk about your common interests. And then (and only then) you drop into conversation that you sell a great product that’ll help them get more out of the shared interest you just talked about. Are they more likely to want to hang out with you? Probably. Show, Seduce and Sell content is my favourite example of content pillars and my go-to method of creating social media assets for my clients. It’s based on my 20+ years of marketing experience (so pre-social media!) and is the perfect blend of the two previous methods we’ve discussed.


I arrived on the marketing scene before social media existed. Most companies didn’t even have websites. Reaching your audience back then took real effort. You had to know your customers and where they hung out before you could even get them to see your messaging. Once you had them, you needed to keep hold of them. A solid understanding of the customer journey was essential. Show, seduce and sell content pillars are directly linked to that customer journey. Also known as the AIDA marketing model, AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. It describes the journey a customer goes on before they decide to buy your service or product. My Show, Seduce, Sell content pillars align with each stage of the AIDA user journey. You’ll get eyes on your brand by showing them who you are and what you do. Then you’ll seduce them by creating interesting content that builds desire for your product or service. Finally, you get your customers to take action by selling your offering to them. This approach to content creation is much more manageable and considerably less intimidating for anyone with a million other things to do. No jumping around on Tik Tok here, unless you want to! Instead, this methodology is built on real psychology-driven marketing know-how. It worked before social media existed, and it still works now.


If you’d like some help with setting up content pillars and content buckets for your brand, why not invest in a social media strategy session with me? I’ll send you a questionnaire to complete before we talk so that I can get to know your audience and your business. Then during the session, we’ll build out your strategy together. If you’ve already got a clear idea on your strategy, but need someone to bounce your ideas off each month, book in for a monthly sounding board session. I’ll look at your plan with you, giving you reassurance that you’re on the right track and offer advice if I think there’s something else you could be doing. If you’d like any information on my social media management services, feel free to drop me a message via my contact form.

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